Business Number:  330-452-9812
Crisis Hotline:  330-452-6000
Toll Free :  1-800-956-6630
                       Crisis Intervention and Recovery Center, Inc.
                                      Crisis Hotline 330-452-6000
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 Crisis Intervention and Recovery Center, Inc. ® 
Recovery Center - 832 McKinley Avenue NW, Canton, OH 44703
Crisis Intervention Center - 2421 - 13th Street NW, Canton, OH 44708
Recovery Center - 832 McKinley Avenue NW, Canton, Ohio 44703
​(Assertive Community Treatment & Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment)
An integrated team that provides comprehensive treatment for indivuduals with chronic mental illnesses in community-based programs as well as intensive treatment designed for individuals with moderate to severe mental health & chemical dependency issues. 
Hunter House
1114 Gonder Avenue SE
Canton, OH 44707
48 Unit Permanent Supportive Housing Complex with onsite support staff for individuals with co-occurring disorders

REACH Program
(Recovery & Empowerment Achieved with Community & Housing)
​Facilitating & obtaining housing for non-linked individuals who are chronically homeless & have a persistent mental illness 

MST / PSB Program 
(Multi-systemic & Problem Sexual Behavior Therapy)
Brief, intensive home-based treatment for severe & chronic adolescent offenders

Outpatient Services Department (OPS)
Community-based treatment for adults with mental health, chemical dependency and/or co-occurring mental health & chemical dependency related issues. Available services include:
  • Individual & Group Therapy
  • Pharmacological Management, including Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nursing & Central Pharmacy for medications
Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST) / Case Management

OPS Specialized Programs:
  • ​HOPE (Helping Offenders Psychologically & Emotionally) - Community-based treatment through court referral for individuals with mental illness 
  • Forensic Track - Intensive treatment & monitoring program for individuals with court status of "Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity" and/or "Conditional Release" in the community 
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